This is your muesli. U do U.

Eat it Cold!

Add yogurt or milk for a classic bowl of muesli

Eat it Hot!

Heat on the stovetop or microwave

Overnight it!

Add milk, water, or yogurt in a jar overnight

Bake with it!

Make granola or add to your favorite recipes

What is Muesli?

Muesli is a traditional European breakfast cereal with whole grains, nuts, fruits, and seeds.

GUUD (pronounced "good") is a modern muesli cereal for your modern lifestyle. Whether reaching your ideal weight, getting your energy back, nourishing your skin, getting some much needed sleep or digestive TLC, GUUD no or low sugar, whole food, plant-based cereals give you what you need to be GUUD every day.

It's the GUUD food you should eat, but also WANT to eat.

At GUUD we have a simple goal — Be GUUD. We are health and wellness focused.  We deliver products and information that helps everyone to Eat GUUD, Feel GUUD, and Be GUUD every day.

Being GUUD is a lifestyle. A passion for life, a passion for helping, a passion for creating, a passion for a better world and a better life.


Muesli Recipes

Our favorite thing about muesli is what U can do with it! Read some of our favorite recipes on our blog with tips on how to prepare muesli.

Peppermint Muesli Granola

This recipe calls for peppermint chocolate and is a delicious treat from Kathryn at Tasty Treats.

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Multigrain Muesli Pancakes

Yes, you can grind muesli into flour for a base to the perfect muesli pancakes!

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Muesli Cookies

Think oatmeal cookies, but better! Use any of your fave muesli in these baked GUUDies.

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