A journey for GUUD

In 2014, Muesli Fusion was born from an unwavering commitment to create the healthiest and tastiest ready-to-eat breakfast cereal in the U.S. by harnessing the traditions of European "Muesli".  

Muesli consists of a balanced mixture of whole grains, nuts, fruits and seeds in endless combinations and generally mixed from whatever is in the pantry.

Our founder, Ian Szalinski, created unique combinations of hearty and nutritious muesli recipes for local fairs and farmer's markets in his home town and quickly everyone who experienced a Muesli breakfast bowl was hooked!  And better yet, everything was already in one bag and ready to eat - no long shopping lists,  no scrounging around in the pantry for bits to add, just one bag has it all. Consumers loved it and so the company grew! 

Today, our products are found under a new name, GUUD, and can be found in natural and traditional grocery stores, and online retailers across the country. We’re doing everything in our power not to just make our cereals right, but to be GUUD and make the world GUUD one bag at a time so the new name seemed like the obvious choice for all that we do.

From the health of our customers to supporting our community and environment we seek to make a positive impact with each bowl of muesli served. We support local community organizations and want to help improve the environment with every decision we make. 

Thanks for reading our story now go on and Eat GUUD, Feel GUUD, Be GUUD and let us know new ideas and what we can do to help!


Not just GUUD Muesli

We take being GUUD seriously; It’s an attitude and a promise infused in all we do from the way we treat each other, the partnerships we cultivate, each ingredient we source, and the thought leadership we share in and outside of our industry.

Culture of GUUD to do GUUD

GUUD embodies transparency, supports clean labeling and the consumer's right to informed choices. That's why we support organizations like the NON GMO project.

All of our ingredients and products are made in the USA. We support sustainable agriculture practices, especially with our commitment to growing oats. Oats are a low-input crop requiring less resources than other grains. They also increase crop diversity and stop soil erosion.

We continually strive to make meaningful contributions to the good food movement by supporting our farmers and those working to end hunger.

Evoke is now GUUD.

We rebranded to GUUD to reflect the modern muesli we set out to share with the world.

100% Vegan

We always use less than 10 ingredients and they are all 100% plant-based