Nutty Cacao Toasted Mues-Ola
Toasted Mues-Ola Cereal - Nutty Cacao
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GUUD Muesli

Nutty Cacao Toasted Mues-Ola

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This toasted, lightly sweetened version of GUUD’s other cereals is made for people who love granola.

We took our traditional GUUD muesli, kissed it with a hint of maple syrup and toasted it all together to create a sweet, crunchier (crispier?) version of itself and that is "Toasted Muesli" And still with 80% less sugar than traditional granola brands.

Mues-Ola Cereal = Muesli + Granola

Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats, Maple Syrup, Raisins, Almonds, Pecans, Cacao Nibs, Walnuts

Certified Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO Certified

Size:12 oz Bag

Eat it Cold! Add yogurt or milk for a classic bowl of muesli.
Eat it Hot! Heat on the stovetop or microwave like oatmeal.
Overnight it! Add milk, water, or yogurt in a jar overnight.
Snack on it! Of course you can always eat it by the handful. We probably didn't have to mention this one.

See our recipe page for more ideas!

100% Vegan

We always use less than 10 ingredients and they are all 100% plant-based